How It Works

Heelzy is super easy to use.



Step 1: Shop for your shoes
Step 2: Buy and pay through pay-pal
Step 3: Receive and wear your fabulous shoes!
There is no special charge for shopping on Heelzy. The price of the shoes plus shipping is what you pay



Step 1: Create an account (link)
Step 2: Create an ad
Step 3: Upload pictures of your shoes
Step 4: Ship them to the buyer
Once you have created an account, you can begin selling your shoes – all over the world!
There is absolutely no charge to place an ad on Heelzy.When your shoes sell, there is a 5% fee that will be automatically
charged in the transaction.

How to create an account:

Creating an account is super easy with Heelzy. Just complete the simple form, create a username and password and link a pay-pal account and you’re ready to start selling.

How to create an ad    List it

Creating an ad to sell your shoes is also easy to do. Just click “ADD LISTING
Then select the size and type of shoe you are selling. Include a brief description
that includes the brand, color and any special features.
Upload 4 photos to go with the ad and click “Post”


How to take pictures of your shoes

Taking pictures of your shoes is also super easy an
d will help sell your shoes faster.
Heelzy recommends including 4 pictures with your shoe ad.
1) Side  2) Front/Top  3) Bottom   4) Back


  • Take pictures in a well-lighted place with a clean, bright background.
  • Use a white sheet or pillowcase to put your shoes on for the best appearance.
  • Make sure your shoes are clean!
  • Use at least a 10 megapixel camera