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How to price your shoes:

Pricing your shoes can be tricky. You want to get the best price possible, but you also want your shoes to sell. Since this is not an auction site, the price you set is fixed and buyers will not be bidding. The better you price your shoes, the quicker they will sell.
  • There are several reference points that are useful in setting the price for your shoes.
  • Retail Price: Retail value is what they may have or iginally sold for new. Setting the price at about 25-30% of retail value is a good place to start. Of course, many people buy their shoes on sale to begin with, so that may influence the starting point. If you bought them for 25% off, then you may be able to get a higher percentage of your purchase price Condition: the better the condition of the shoe, the more you can ask for it. Shoes that have been worn only once or twice will be able to sell at a higher price. Shoes that have experienced a little more “love” will sell for less.
  • Be realistic about pricing your shoes. Setting the right price for your shoe will help them sell quickly.
  • As a rule, you can expect to sell your shoes for a roughly a quarter of the price you bought them for new (retail) if they are still in very good condition.



How to ship your shoes:

Pack your items carefully in the original shoe boxif you still have it.
  • There are numerous ways to ship your shoes to the buyer. The most affordable will be Priority mail through the USPS. This usually arrives in just several days and won’t add too much cost to shoes for the buyer
  • Package labels should be printed clearly and attached securely to the front and back of the package.
  • Be sure to use either a tracking number or delivery receipt. Remember to include the cost of your shipping within your selling price.
  • Keep your receipts to confirm not only when an item was sent, but also proof that it was shipped.
  • With the more valuable items, we strongly suggest Postal Insurance, as Heelzy cannot accept any liability and does not guarantee safe carriage of any item.
  • The US Postal Service provides three options; First Class, Priority and Flat Rate shipping. First Class mail is the best bargain but keep in mind even a t-shirt can exceed the 13oz weight limit. We suggest choosing Priority for your shoes. Priority mail is quick and efficient but price is based on distance as well as weight. For long distance shipping it is often more cost effective to use Fed Ex. Flat Rate shipping is best for small, heavy items like shoes. Flat Rate boxes are free but remember, in this case: the smaller the box, the lesser the shipping price. UPS and Fed Ex have comparable ground shipping methods that can be fairly inexpensive to use. Cost is based on weight and destination—how rural or far from a distribution center the shipping address is.
  • UPS may charge additional based on box size. We suggest you choose Fed Ex for the best price and delivery speed.